Turning Surplus Assets into Water


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Turning Surplus Assets into Water

We have adapted a well known fundraising model to provide humanitarian relief to people in developing areas. Our friends in the aviation and automation sectors donate surplus and salvage hardware and software that we then sell on existing marketplaces. The revenue is used to provide water and primary lighting for those in need.

This unique business model serves our friends well because it is doubly environmentally friendly and humanitarian. It is doubly environmentally friendly, first because we take hardware that would ultimately end up in landfill and second because our relief solutions leverage renewable energy from the sun. Our solutions are humanitarian by easing the demands of procuring safe water and providing primary lighting solutions. While many people take water and light for granted, some people are locked into an existence where the day is consumed with searching for potable water and fuel for food preparation. When night falls, there is no light to pursue education or skills necessary to break the day-to-day cycle of survival.


Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico:
  • Remote & Mountainous location
  • Subsistence farming community of about 60 people served
  • Single photovoltaic panel
  • Grundfos submersible pump, with controller, with level detector

La Pesca, Tamaulipas, Mexico:

  • Coastal fishing village
  • Saltwater sands make completing a sweet water well difficult
  • Fine sands silt in wells quickly
  • Severe drought of 2005 didn't stop this well
Nigerian Christian Hospital
  • Part of a larger compound
  • 300ft rise to storage tank
  • Relief well for compound demand
Nicaraguan villages


Drilling Rig #143:
  • On location in La Pesca, Tamaulipas, Mexico
  • Able to drill 120m
Truck #1:
  • 1994 GMC 3/4T long bed


Several projects in various stages



About Solatex

Turning Surplus Assets into Water: Self-sustaining business model


How to help: If you would like to donate surplus or salvage aviation or automation assets, please give us a call. Of course, we also accept cash donations.


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